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    Back to back cycles?

    My brother just got done taking T-2 and started taking sustanon right after. He wants to take Deca long should he wait. And how much nolvadex should he ake when he is through with the sustanon????? I told him to take Clen .....what else should he do or take after this Sustanon????


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    does anyone know?

    answer my question someone please....thanks yall!


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    Dude, please tell me he's not doing "ONE", then another "ONE", then another "ONE"...T-2 with Deca , or even Sust with Deca, hell for that matter both test's with Deca (though I don't recomend it) would be "OK"...But not one after another seperately. And I certainly wouldn't end with just Clen .
    He needs to read, research, and learn before he starts up again, or he'll end up doing something like he did.
    After he done with the Sust (And I cringe at how he must be running it) he needs to Start PCT.
    He should be doing 10mg Nolva all the way through, and bump it to 20 for PCT Along with his Clomid @ 300 mg on day one, then perhaps 100mg from day two to at least day 28.
    I also like to add Tribulus to PCT (Or all the time for that matter)
    Personally I like Clen during PCT as well, it seems to keep me hard if I keep Protein and Calories up. But Honestly I wouldn't suggest it for him yet.
    Knowledge is the key right now, not more Gear.

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    I got news, that isn't what you would call a "cycle". Please, put some effort into learning about this stuff. If you had any idea of what you were doing or talking about, people could help you, but by showing no knowledge, it shows you have not taken the time to learn about steroids for yourself except what the big guy at the gym told you or what you heard through hearsay. Please research. It is that simple.

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