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    best use for liquid-dex and nolva

    i was thinking about taking .25 liquid-dex first when i wake up in the morning and take the 10mg nolva just before going to sleep.
    is this a correct way to get them?
    do i have to take them at meals (ldex with breakfast and nolva with last late evening meal)? or is it better to take them on empy stomach?
    what about the taste of doesnt smell so good (but didnt try it yet!)... shoul i mix it with water only or with a fruiit juice?
    ive been searching around but only found answers for correct dosages...
    thank you..

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    central nj
    doesn't matter when you take them as long as you take them at the same time each day, mix the ldex w/ water or some other liquid

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    Be A man and take them straight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Bull
    Be A man and take them straight
    Agreed...... You don't want any sitting at the bottom of the glass.......... also take them all at once.... it's easier and there's no chance you will forget to do it later.

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    LI, NY kidd!!
    just fill ur mouth wit some sort of liquid like say lemonade...and just squirt it in ur mouth straight from the suringe (without the pin)

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    i would like to also know something from his original question. should arimidex and nolva be taken with food or on an empty stomach?

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