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    testing test levels

    In the UK going to the Doc and asking to be tested for a bunch of stuff is not the way it works.

    I want to get me test levels checked before and after my first cycle and have found a website in the UK that offers test level testing.

    My question is, you do the test yourself by sending them saliva on a test stick. Is this normal? Blood work to me implies having blood taken and checking that!
    So can you accurately check test levels fom saliva?

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    I've never heard of test levels being checked by your saliva?

    Sounds like a scam!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallets back
    I've never heard of test levels being checked by your saliva?

    Sounds like a scam!!!
    No it is not a scam mate. ********* hormones are well represented in saliva as they are small lipophillic molecules that readily diffuse through the cell wall of the cells lining the salivary ducts and into the saliva. There are over two decades of good quality research indicating excellent correlations between the levels of free hormone in serum and that in saliva. If you look at our site you will see that it is extensively referenced with around 400 references from the Western peer-reviewed scientific literature.

    CharlieUK - the tests are performed on a 5ml saliva sample you provide to us. It is not a 'stick' test. The analysis is fully quantitative and is performed via immunoassay - the same analytical technique employed to analyse steroids in blood samples.



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    Must be where the "steroids give you bad breath" comes from.
    Blood test would be much more accurate. IMO.

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