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    Clen and Yohimbe together?

    Has anyone run that before? I'm going to run 30mg of Yohimbine HCL for 12 weeks, while cycling clen 2 weeks on/ 2 wks off, and using Thermorexin in the off time.....

    Diet and cardio are perfect...

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    yeah i tried it once, but it made my blood pressure skyrocket, i could literaly feel my heart thumping in my chest, i'll never do it again

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    30mg of yohimbine may be on the high side.

    ulter and others have stacked thermorexin and clen together. and many people rotate them.

    perhaps cutting the dose of yohimbine or low frequent doses throughout the day

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    I'm on the exact same plan you are asking about.

    Its been about 10 days since I started.

    I take 250mcgs of LiquidClen in the Morn along w/ 15mgs of Yohimbine HCL and hit the cardio.

    And then 15mgs more of Yohimbine another 4-6hours later

    Like Scott said your heart thumps so hard that you can feel your heart beat throughout your entire upperbody head and all. My **** is beating right now. And if I dont do cardio my heart starts to hurt a tad while just sitting in the chair or laying on the couch.

    So far the results are good. Im feelin and lookin leaner and the energy is up there for cardio

    Good Luck

    PS- How much you weigh?

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    250mcg's of clen ??? dam* thats a lot

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    Can someone tell me what kind of cycle what units I should use for taking for clen yohimbi and Cytomel (The best cutting Cycle) also I will be putting in some mild test like propinate 100mg a week.I was thinking like 8 weeks I was reading up on cytomel and eight weeks was probbably the best cycle I could find
    .... (each 3 days) each dot is 12.5mcg


    Now can you guys tell me how I should cycle the rest? Clen and yohimbi
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