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    sust/winny,test prop/eq,sust/ primo,sust /eq????

    ok guys,,as you can see,,im confused on my second cycle,,,,cant decide,,,,,im going for more quality muscle this time..maybe a il hardening affect as whats my best best with the less side effects??help me out here....dont wanna go to exspensive either,,,,, my first cycle was sust karachi 500 mg for 10 weeks,,,,,gained big,,,no harsh sides either,,wonder if i do 750 sust karachi and 400 eq ,if that will give me what im going for,which is quality lean mass,,,,

    lat spread from like 4 months ago..just to get an idea of my frame..lmao..
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    right here
    750 sust karachi and 400 eq, sounds good

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    Quote Originally Posted by daWhoady
    750 sust karachi and 400 eq, sounds good
    I can live with that!

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    You might want to stay at 500mg sustanon and do the EQ at 400mg but run the EQ for 12 weeks.

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