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    DK who the author is, just wanted to get some bros opinions on this bridge lets delve into mathematics, shall we:

    First: 15mg I said 10mg.

    15mg lowered test levels by 69%.

    LH and FSH by 50%

    Now, lets apply some simple math.

    15mg dball will be excreted in.......15mg /average 4hr T-life = Average of:

    15mg ------ 7.5mg ------ 3.75mg ------ 1.875mg ------- 0.9875mg

    So after overgoing 4 Half-life conversion(I'm not even counting the fact that excercise INCREASES dball excretion quite a margin)

    It took the men roughly 16hrs to get to within reasonable Dball(Androgen concentrations), about roughly 1mg. In case you're wondering, I'm mathematically comparing the suppression seen by 15mg and 10mg of dball in reference to blood levels and time. (I'm not even going to state that the study doesn't even say they took it all in the AM....they probably didn't. But I'm feeling charitable today so I'll give you guys a break. I'll stipulate they took i all in the AM)

    Now, for 10mg.

    10mg ------- 5mg --------- 2.5mg --------1.25mg ---------0.625mg

    Linearly speaking, it took 3.4 half-lives or roughly 13.6 hrs to get to 1mg.

    Thats 85% of the 15mg Dball study.13.6hrs/16hrs = 0.85

    So, Free Test should then become 58.7% decrease and LH and FSH 42.5%

    This is using the 4hr half-life. The gold standard for dball.

    Now lets add Arimidex and Clomid to the mix shall wee?

    Arimidex will INCREASE the decrease in test seen by the AM dball administration via less testosterone being converted into estrogen via the aromatase enzyme.

    By how much normally? 58% increase in test.(Look the abstracts up. They've been posted a zillion times...I'm not going to do it for you) And also a large decrease in estrogen mind you.

    OK. So now, the 58.7% reduction in test seen for the 10mg Dball is FURTHER reduced to (58.7 * (1-0.58)) = 24. 65%

    So, low and behold 10mg AM dball+arimidex BY THEMSELVES cause only a 24.65% drop in test levels. Compare this to the 58.7% seen in the Dball only group. This is why arimidex MUST be used, and why I have said it a zillion times.

    Now lets add Clomid and HCG shall we? Good. The math/pharmacology class is proceeding nicely. Clomid will boost both FSH and LH, and HCG will cause yet ANOTHER surge in endo Test levels through its effects on the Leydig cells. And low and behold, since we are on arimidex, the increase seen will be test only because the aromatase enzyme is being blocked by the arimidex from converting the test surge caused by the HCG into estrogen..

    By how much?

    I don't know. But what I do know, is that the 24.65% reduction in testosterone will be reduced even further(By the HCG and the Clomid), and the LH values as well to well less than 45%.

    Gee whiz… I starting to kill of all the SCIENTIFIC doubters…….. LOL

    From my bloodwork(and from other peoples) NOT Clomid and HCG studies, I came up with an INCREASE in Test levels over pre-main cycle levels and an almost normal LH.(Roughly 80-90%) of normal.

    The problem was THAT I could not extrapolate info from ANY HCG and Clomid studies b/c they were not on the AM Dball routine.

    So, I had to test it on myself and get bloodwork done.

    And it WORKED. Yes, it WORKED. My test levels INCREASED while on the Dball AM bridge while my LH slowly recuperated, when compared to pre-main cycle levels.

    Again, the dball bridge ONLY works if you take the dball in accordance with your bodies circadian rhythm. If you don't go to sleep at a certain time and sleep for 8 hours and wake up at a certain time(and then take the 10mg dball right away) CONSISTENTLY, The Dball bridge will then not work properly.

    As an addendum, if you actually want to BOOST your LH levels to normal while on the bridge, use 25mg proviron 6-8 weeks before your AM Dball Bridge post-cycle therapy, and you will then be able to increase LH levels to normal.(I already proved this with studies at AF…go look them up. Its in the Hall of Fame) You obviously must use the proviron during the Dball bridge as well.

    So, the Bridge becomes:

    (6-8 weeks) before end of Main cycle: Start 25mg Proviron

    End Main Cycle.

    AM Dball Bridge cycle: 8 weeks

    #1.Start Bridge at 10mg Dball in the AM upon waking up. #2 Make **** sure you take the 10mg dball at the same **** time every day. As soon as you wake up. This wake up time (if 8 or 9 or 10 AM) must be used for the rest of the bridge(8 weeks)(Circadian Rhythm is VERY important to the success of the bridge) #3 Proviron at 25mgs/day(LH booster) #4 Arimidex at 1mg ED or more.(2mg is as high as I would go). #5 HCG at 5000IU's 2X/week on Weeks 5,6,7,8(Endo Test Booster) #6 Clomid at 300mgs Day 1, and then 100mgs/day from then on until the end of the bridge(LH and FSH Booster)

    End result: Test levels HIGHER than pre-main cycle levels…by roughly 20% (Most definately in the normal range), and a normal LH function. Even better: NO **** MUSCLE LOST while coming off the bridge. Almost EVERY single post-cycle therapy out there causes you to lose muscle(Except for GH/Slin/IGF-1). PERIOD. Well guess what? This one doesn't.

    There, I scientifically and mathematically wise PROVED that the AM Dball Bridge works.

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    Here is some math for you.
    3 people were splitting the cost of a hotel room. The room was $30 so they each paid $10.
    Later that evening the manager came to the room and said he overcharged them the weekend rate and wanted to give back $5. The 3 people said "well we suppose you could have kept the $5. so we will each just take back $1 and you keep the rest.
    So now they each paid $9, 3X9 = $27 , the manager kept $2.
    Where is the other dollar?

    Good info on the post above, I hate math.

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    that bis a great problem but the formula is wrong ...ther is no error in's the truth

    they each spent $ $30
    they got back $ $25
    they couldn't divide $5 evenly so they each kept $1 $27 + $2
    they gave the guy $ $27
    now 27 +2 does not =30 however that is where the formula is wrong
    27-2 does equal 25 (the amount they DID pay for the room)and
    25(the amunt for the room)+2(the tip)+3(the amont of the refund they kept)does=30

    glad to clear this up

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