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    STEROIDS: Drugs You've Tried & Wanted Too Try

    What's up bro's,
    What drugs do you want to try that you haven't? Personally, I want to try...

    Halo - Just heard/read crazy things about it
    Anavar - I want to see it's effect on an already strict diet
    Suspension - Power, power and more power. I want to see how it feels.
    Anadrol - I won't use this, but I'm curious...
    EQ - Heard very good things, may include this in future cycles

    AND stuff I tried and my opinions...

    Fina - Best steroid out there. Hit me within 3 days and HUGE strength gains
    Sustanon - Never again. I could actually feel my blood levels go up and down.
    D-Bol - Waste of time. Sure I got strong and shot up 20lbs in 3 weeks, but water, water and more water.
    Deca - My joints never felt better. Not very anabolic though IMO.
    Enanthate - Sust, but better. Great gains and awesome muscle size from it. Quality at low doses and insane power/size at high.

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    Halo and A-bombs. Heard insane stuff about those also. I did GH one time for 2 months. I want to do it right and see what it really can do for me. Thats my next adventure. Growth is stuck in my head. I've tried everything else at one time or another.

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    I want to do:
    masteron -next cycle i will
    halo for sure, prolly in my next cycle some where
    test suspension sounds cool
    things I've done:
    sust-never again either
    enatnthate-good stuff
    bout to switch to prop
    tren starting tuesday(monday if it werent' a holiday)
    anadrol -didn't see anything
    winny-blew a rotator, but will take more precaution
    var-good ****, will run 50mg for 6 weeks starting monday, 80mg for 8 weeks in my next
    deca -never agian
    eq-anytime, will be a base in my cycles for years to come

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    I'm currently on wk 8 of my EQ Test prop Cycle. I'm getting real good muscle gains and decent strength gains.
    But the hunger cravings are frightening!! I've never experienced anything like it.

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    Want to try GH, I've tried eveything else. However I'd run a long course.

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    igf-1! will try this by the end of the year for sure.

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    Masteron !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want to try...

    Halo - sounds like a real bomb
    Anavar - heard about great results. But it **** expensive

    AND stuff I tried ...

    Deca - great stuff for my joints.
    Test cyp - awesome results. Awesome muscle size from it and insane power.

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    i would love to try
    any of the body research? stuff and british dragon stuff
    suspension. but i will never shoot water based

    i have tried
    anadrol : brazilian hemogin and denkall love that **** but it started to give me gyno
    dbol : denkall tabs, caps and ive capped the reforvit. use instead of drol now. bad headaches though
    anavar : denkall tabs not too noticeable but never gone over 25mgs
    winstrol : denkall tabs and caps love them!
    deca : qv300 bloated me to **** and got strong
    eq: tried ttokkyo. is the only thing that really makes me hungry
    fina: tried qv tren . way better then homebrew imo. now use homebrew though.
    test enth: delatestryl is the ****! tried icns, brovel, and tornel now use icns
    test cyp: SL hurts like a bitch
    test prop: SL really liked it
    sust: organon. rather do prop
    denkadiol: denkall liked the results from cycle but dont think i can attribute it to this
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    I've ttried
    sust- i had good experience with it... I am goign to use it my next cycle at 750 mgs a week dividly to be shot eod.. I think its a good steriod that u can have good blood levels if u do a large enuff dose that when u divide it to eod shots there is enuff prop being injected to make it worth it.. otherwise the prop is wasted..

    dbol - liked it too, using it innext cycle aswell

    EQ- liek it aswell.. using it in next cycle to lean out.. hope i can reissit the hunger

    prop- good summer bloat, but i am oen who dosen't midn the bloat

    winny (injectable)-not a fan... to weak for my standards.. for cutting EQ and tren beat it hands down.. also its hard to see its benifits unless u are already can see abs...

    tren- favorigth so far.. in my next cycle at 100mg ed... huge strength and hardness gains.. vascular benifits too...

    enanthate - i liked sust better... had haeadaches from it... ALOT of bloat.. too much for my liking...

    suspension-fav test. no bloat but HUGE HUGE size and strentgh gaisn that are instant.. I swear it can cure depression in a day, but don't do it for that purpose. but it did give me a great general feeling .. too dang gone expensive or i woudl use it ed for my 12 week cycle comming up... but i am still considering it .....

    clen - umm ya i think i am in love with it.. I am not dieting yet i am gettign cut! I am doing cardio but come on!! i am not dieting this shouldn't be right!!

    halo.. i think it will complement my personaltiy haha

    slin and gh- want to but I am not fully educated on it to consider it at this point.. nor do i have the funds !!

    anadrol - i reacted well to dbol, so this is the next step for "cycle kick starts"...

    deca - I have a HUGE desire to give this a whirl, but its LONg ass detection time will make me wait until i am at a point in my life where i know i won't be tested!

    DNP --- if i lived alone and had 3 weeks where i could be alone and not have to work or go to school i would do it...

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    "DNP --- if i lived alone and had 3 weeks where i could be alone and not have to work or go to school i would do it..."

    Hahahahahahahaha.....But true!


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    I have kind of tried a little bit of allot of stuff over time, should probably do it right at some point.

    Stuff I'd like to do (or do properly):
    1. Anadrol - did it for a couple of weeks but had to quit, it was a pretty wild two weeks though
    2. Equipoise - never tried it, but won't do deca anymore so this seems like a better alternative
    3. Anavar - never tried, would like to if it wasn't so expensive up here in Canuck land
    4. HGH - just turned 30 so I figure I am close to being ready, not sure the wallet is though
    5. Insulin - kinda curious, but not anxious to do it anytime soon

    Stuff I've tried:
    1. All of the tests (cyp, enan, prop) - like prop the best because you know when its real, it keeps you hard, and now I can make my own
    2. D-boll - like it but we've had a good run, time to retire it
    3. Deca - I don't get much out of this one, not sure why (maybe never had real stuff, not sure)
    4. Fina - I like it, I like it, I like it
    5. Winstrol - pretty good but I need to do a proper run with it to get a better feel for it I think, I always kind of throw it in at the end so seems kind of week

    Thats it for me - BTW, I'm a bit new around here but thought I could throw my 2 cents in anyway!


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    I have tried:

    d-bol ( naposim, thai's, russians) like the pinkies the best!
    anadrol ( anapolon 50, androlic) anapolon hands down!
    winny tabs ( 5mg stanabols) they were great
    winny V (zambons amps) injected years ago, but now we drink!
    Anavar ( 10mg from IP, and don't remember the name of the company with the 2.5mg tabs)
    Halo's ( upjohn I believe they were 5mg...Haven't seen them in a while) loved them for hardness and strength.
    primo's (schering both the 50mg and the 100mg amps)
    sustanon ( you name it)
    Omnadren ( eeeek! )
    testoviron depot ( the old ones with the added prop)
    testoviron the new ones ( with just enanthate )
    test Enanthate
    test cyponiate
    test prop ( my all time favorite test)
    EQ ( ganabol, Tt, IP,)
    deca ( norma's, organans, Tt, Inka) I faired well with all of them
    trenbolone ( Valopharm, Home brew, inka ) home brew hands down.
    GH ( serostim from serono)
    slin ( long acting and fast acting)
    Clen ( pill and pump )
    T3 ( cytomel )
    dyazide (diuretic)
    Probably left something out but...
    would like to try DNP ...masteron ...And the mighty Parabolon.hahaha!

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    SUSTANON-i like it and will keep taking it
    FINA- one of the best out there.Gained a lot of strength
    WINSTROL- worked good for cutting with fina and clen
    DECA- expensive but also one of the best ive tried. my joint never felt better.
    CLEN- hate the feeling while on it but it works
    DNP- never F***en again. the worst by far. was in hell for 3 weeks and had to be by a fan all the time. dont get me wrong it melted the fat right off me but for the feeling while on it, it's not worth it
    SUSPENSION- never did it but planning to try it next cycle
    GH- is a drug that works over time. If you don't have the funds to carry you for 3-6 months on GH, then don't even bother. Most will be disappoited. GH is the best thing out there by far. Can't wait to start it.
    INSULIN- its's not for amateur; in more ways than one. the wrong dose and your in a coma or dead. This isn't anything to play around with.

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