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    New cycle with or without anavar

    This is the cycle I just got in
    Wk 1-8 400mg Primobolan Depot
    Wk 3-8 50mg Zambone Winstrol EOD

    How much will 30 mg ED of Anavar help me, I can get 200 tabs for around $400, is the cost to benifit ratio high enough for me to use or what. Also if you see anything that I need to add or change feel free to say. Here are my specs 5'9" 188lbs 27 yrs 7%-8%BF. Thanks

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    Anavar is a very good oral steroid for cutting and strength gains, if you have extra money to spend and you can get real anavar go for it, but in my opinion it's not worth the hefty price. I would rather purchase some test prop or fina.

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    the winny should accomplish what you want just fine, no need for winy and anavar imo

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