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Thread: a friend

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    a friend

    I have a friend whose not even 21 yet and his about to start his first cycle. Its bad enough that hes not old enough, but hes starting with T400! The kids gonna ruin his body, can someone please provide some insight into how hes gonna end up hurting his body

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    I don't know much about T-400, but if you do a search you should find alot of information. The one thing I have heard about T-400, is that it hurts like a M**** F***** to inject. Tell your friend that, if it is his first time he woun't like that. Good luck on trying to stop him.

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    first the endocrine system does not fully develop until you are in your twenties (all those who want to argue this point, dont. go read the countless threads this has already been argued on). adding test to your body before your endocrine system has fully developed can lead to hormonal fluxuations, and possibly low test levels for the rest of your life. it sucks waiting, but it would suck worse to have hormonal mood swings like a woman along with not having a sex drive, and never being able gain muscle naturally, due to low test levels.

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    Eat sleep and train are the best things your friend can do right now. Allow him to reach his peak without steroids and then if he still wants to make that decision then let him. Just make sure he makes an educated decision, and not jsut for the heck of it.

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