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    Sick and on Cycle.....Fcuk!

    Well, heres the deal.

    I got sick 2 days ago, just a stomach thing.
    I got the ****s (diahrrea, ahha i'm glad everyone knows that now!)
    No appatite.
    Very tired. Didn't puke tho.
    Stomach hurts like a b*tch!

    I just started week 3 of my cycle.

    weeks 1-4 Dbol 30mg ed
    weeks 1-9 Deca 400mg (200mg shot 2x a week)
    weeks 1-10 Test 500mg (250mg shot 2x a week)

    I started out at 172lbs and i was up to 183lbs before I got sick. I took my shot today to start week 3, I rounded up enough energy to go to the gym today, just to do some light weight. I weighed myself and i am down to 178lbs.

    Is this just water weight?

    What should i do?

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    Most is just water weight / bad dieting while sick. **** happens. Just keep on keepin on. Get your eating back to full swing when you can.

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