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    Question ** Test Cyp. Cycle question

    Hi, Im contimplatng a cycle of D-bol or Anapolon50 (A-Bombs), ** Test Cyp. and finsih off with Anavar ....(post Clomid)

    I have enough D-bol to run 5-weeks at 40mg ED. (280 tabs.)
    I have 50 A-Bombs at 50mg each.
    I also have 90, 10mg tabs of Anavar.

    What I need to know is how much Cyp I'll need for this cycle and what is the average weekely dosage and for how long??? I can get the Cyp easily and cost effective is why I'm using it. If another form of Test is better please suggest!
    Also is this a good or decent stack?

    Week 1-5 Start Dbol @40mg ED
    Week 1-3 Start, 1 tab A-Bomb@50mg ED
    Week 4-5 Start, 2 tabs A-Bomb@100mg ED

    Week 1-??(8) Start ** Test Cyp. (Dosage & length)

    Week 6-8 Start Anavar@50mg ED (till finsihed 90 tabs)

    Week 9-11 Start Clomid 50/100/50

    -I've never tried the A-bombs but I have heard good and bad things about them. I like my liver and I dislike side effects like everyone else. Opinion would greatly be appreciated.
    -I've been told and researched that Anavar will help keep, improve and maintain gains from my D-bol.
    -I also strictly plan on consuming 200grams of protein per day

    I am 26yo, 197lbs, 7-8%BF, training for almost 2 years

    Thanks all!

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    dude lose the a bombs, dbol is much better imo,
    depending on you experience with gear,training experience,age etc. will be able to give a more detailed answer to your question
    also 200 g of protine is suficient if you weigh 100 lbs

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    to be blunt bro, that cycle sucks. a50 and dbol at the same time is a big no no.

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    ur crazy, if ur worried about side affects lose the abombs and the dbol for christ sake, winstrol , deca , and cyp or enanth would be a low side effect medium QUALITY GAIN cycle to do

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    I'm not worried about other side effects untill you start talking about strain on your liver etc. from a long cycle of Dbol or the Abombs I mentiond. BigKev...I'm not planning on doing both at the same time, thats pretty stupid.
    I was asking which would be better since I have them both. This may not be the most potent stack put together, but from what I happen to have on hand, I'll put to use....

    What is the average dosage for the Test Cyp weekly?? My stats are in my first post at the bottom.

    With what I have will this do anything worth the effort?


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    If this is your first cycle you are trying to do WAY too much bro. And only 200grams of protein, come on. I weigh 230 and I take in 400g/day off cycle. You are going to need more than that to get good results from the cycle.

    test 500mg/w for 10 weeks
    dbol 35mg/d for 4-5 weeks

    Nothing else is needed bro, keep it simple sounds like you are trying to do too much here.

    also start the clomid two weeks after your last shot of cyp.

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    Thanks for the input! I might go ahead and subside with the anavar then.
    I've heard alot of comments about protein input, I'll just experiment to see what my body keeps...


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