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    Another steroid article

    hey bros came across this article- i think there are a lot of good points in here along with some not so good- thought it was a good read anyway

    Should you take steroids to get bigger?

    Steroids are being used on a massive scale. If you think steroids are just used by hard-core “angry” bodybuilders, then you are wrong. In this day and age, steroids are used by boys as young as 14 years old and often without any kind of supervision.

    A recent unofficial report in the UK, put 60% of visitors to a needle exchange down as steroid users! Although steroids are controlled by the same Misuse of Drugs act as cocaine, users of steroids do not see themselves as drug users.

    In the UK, supplies often come from Asia, Europe and Central America, often counterfeit. Because steroids are not often associated with criminal activity, little is done to combat the actual supply. You do not see your local steroid user breaking into a house to steal to feed his habit.

    It seems that the highlighting of steroids in the media and the high profile bans of athletes for possible steroids use, has done little to put people off steroids; if anything, there seems to be a notable increase in steroid use as a direct result of the publicity given to the subject.

    A survey by the British Medical Association (BMA) has found that 1 in 3 GPs have encountered someone using steroids. Although the Home Office puts a rough figure of just over 40,000 people using steroids in the UK, this seems somewhat naïve. Steroids can openly be found in almost every “hard-core” gym in the UK and there are plenty of hard-core gyms around.

    Steroid users can be from any class or background, from office workers to manual labourers to policemen or doctors. Many men over 40 are also turning to steroids. This is because of the recognition of the male menopause and the fact that clinical testosterone treatment is a lot more expensive that steroids obtained from your gym buddy. A typical 8 week course can cost between ₤100-300.

    In the USA, over half a million American children are estimated to use steroids , many of them girls. This figure is rising and unfortunately not a great deal has been done about it.

    Steroid side effects are often sited as: testicular atrophy, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts for men), blood disorders, heart problems and baldness. If you speak to people who have used steroids, few have experienced major problems but some have. The most common being aggression and possibly hair loss over prolonged use.

    The problem is that every one is different and steroids agreeing or not screwing one “body” up is not a guarantee that you will be ok with them. You may be lucky and use them with no problems for 20 years, or unlucky and die within weeks of usage. No one can absolutely “guarantee” safety to you and of they do, they are lying to you – because they do not have a crystal ball. It is up to you to weigh the alternatives and possibilities. It is often a good idea to think why you would want to use steroids.

    Vanity is the obvious answer for most. Unfortunately, our society is one which demands results “now”. People no longer want to work for things or wait for nature to take its course. Building a decent muscular body is not difficult. You train, you eat, you sleep and you use good supplements. However, the natural process can most certainly be speeded up by the use of steroids and for some, any possible side effects seem like a small price to pay for getting what they want sooner.

    Most people do not go to the gym regularly or take enough rest or eat well enough to get bigger, so they want it the easy way. Only the easy way often comes with a price and for some, this price is their health.

    What can you do if you want to use steroids?
    Our advice is, don’t. If you are not getting where you want in terms of your muscle goals, then start off by supplementing your diet with a good protein powder. If you have never tried Creatine, then try it as this is a very good supplement for muscle gains. Weight gainers and anabolic activators are sure-fire ways of getting bigger. Growth hormone boosters and testosterone boosters are very good for muscle mass gains.

    If you are under 21 years of age, then you most definitely are not doing yourself favours by using steroids. Over this age, your steroid-using route can be filled with possible side effects from genuine steroids as well as health risks from counterfeit steroids.

    Don’t forget that steroids can be just as addictive as other drugs, albeit in a mental way. Once you see yourself getting bigger, you will want more and more. Of course, the way the human body is, you will need to take more for the same effect. Therefore even if you started wanting to take just a few milligrams a week, you can end up taking massive amounts of steroids to get any noticeable effects. The scary part is that you will lose most of your gains if you stop!

    If you are adamant that you want to use steroids, then logic would dictate that you do your own research. Do not rely on the words of a supplier. People in this industry often do not give you the whole truth when it comes to how they built their bodies or exactly what they are taking.

    Do remember that there are many people who have some very impressive bodies without the use of steroids. Genetics is a big help, however the last decade has seen a tremendous advances in the technologies used by supplements companies. Many supplements can now give phenomenal results to body builders. Try them first, as they will increase your hormone levels “naturally”. Steroids are not natural; they are an outside artificial boost and can be dangerous.

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    i think there are a lot of good points in the article

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    the part where they said users are as young as 14, its true my best friend did his first cycle when he was 14. Funny thing is i caught up to him 6 months later in stregth and he was only bout 10lbs heavier than me (i didnt want to gain weight cuz i was on the wrestling team). But yeah it is a good article, it should be posted in High schools and jr highs.

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    Sounds like BS. You can't be huge if you are using protein and creatine only.

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