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Thread: Two Questions

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    Two Questions

    After doing 12 weeks of deca 300 at 400 mgs. a week , how long should i wait till i do my next cycle of

    1-4 anadrol 50 ed
    1-13 600 mgs. test 200 enanth. week
    1-12 400 mgs. eq. week

    Also when and how much nolvadex should i run?

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    at least 12 weeks.

    you can run nolva all the way if you want at 20mg/day,

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    usually the rule is time on=time off, so if you take a 12 week cycle, you need to be off for at least 12 weeks before you start another one

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    12 weeks minimum, I would wait even longer like 16. Deca shuts you down pretty hard and it can take even up to a year to fully recover. I've seen some bloodwork posted that was way off even 6 months after the last Deca shot. I used to think that Deca was the safest thing out there, and that the bros here did not know what they are talking about (I found everyone so biased towards Test). Then, I found out the hard way, after my Deca cycle, I felt tired, depressed, and weak for up to 3 months post cycle. I will never touch that stuff again. Before I tried it, I was an advocate towards it based on all my research, now I'm firmly against it.

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