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    running d-bol alone

    I have seen people get good results from running d-bol alone.

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    NO BRO,you'll loose everything and dbol can shut you down's good for a jumpstart to a cycle,or a bridge,but thats it.

    4wks is longest I'd go if your hardheaded enough to do it

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    agree wit da bull..... dont do it. You will lose most of your gains afterwards, its not worth it. But is good to jumpstart, but not alone.

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to them... I had a close friend who didn't listen to me and did dbol alone and got all big and jacked and then 3 weeks later he was back to nothing at all. Run Test with it atleast if ur set on dbol.

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    Bro belive me Dbol is the s**t, but not alone. Dbol is all water and strength. Your chances of gaining muscle of Dbol alone are slim. People take Dbol alone coz it gets them a little puffed, but the puffiness is mostly water. However, after you get of your cycle, if you take Dbol alone, you will most likely lose all the weight you have put on. Stack with something, take about 35mg pday for 1st 4 weeks along with some type of test at about 500mg p/week for 10 weeks or something, you cant go wrong, good luck ;0

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