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    Gyno from deca/debol/test?

    Will the lump under the nipple eventually go away after stoping the use of anabolics. Using nolvadex throught the cycle, if gyno is there help[ the gyno go away. Should i stop my cycel now,,, been on for 8weeks and when i noticed the symptoms i started to use my nolvadex. It did go away then came back and is now a lump under my nipple. Soi iu started my nolva back up and plan on using it. WHAT SHOULD I DO. Also i have WINSTROl ZAMBON AMPS;. will WINNY help cut down on the size of the lump.

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    I could be wrong but...... If its hard I think its there to stay

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    I got hard nips before, it was at the end of a cycle. Unfortunately I didn't have any Nolva or anti-E at the time to combat it. After about a month the sensitivity and slight puffiness went away and the hard lump was gone.

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