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    Need your opinion on the cycle

    I am into 3rd week of 12 week cycle. I have 16% body fat and I weigh 234lbs. I would like to know what you guys think about this cycle.

    ------- Deca -- D-Bol Sust250 Winstrol Nolv Prov Clomid
    Week 1 200mg ------ -------- -------- ------ ----- ----
    Week 2 400mg ----- -------- ------- ------- ------ ----
    Week 3 400mg 50mg -------- ------- -------- ------ ----
    Week 4 400mg 50mg 500mg ------- -------- ------ ----
    Week 5 400mg 50mg 500mg ------- 20mg ------ ---
    Week 6 400mg 50mg 500mg ------- 20mg 25mg 50mg
    Week 7 400mg ----- 750mg ------- 40mg 50mg 100mg
    Week 8 400mg ----- 750mg ------- 40mg 50mg 100mg
    Week 9 400mg ----- 750mg 25mg 40mg 50mg 100mg
    Week10 400mg ----- 750mg 50mg 40mg 50mg 100mg
    Week11 400mg ----- 750mg 50mg 40mg 50mg 100mg
    Week12 400mg ----- 750mg 50mg 40mg 50mg 100mg
    Week13 ------------------------------------ 100mg
    Week14 ------------------------------------ 100mg
    Week15 ------------------------------------100mg
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    I got a headache trying to read that

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    I don't know where to start. You should have posted before you began your cycle, because that setup is horrible. First off, what are your stats and cycle experience?

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    yeah bro thats pretty bad..theres a lot of things wrong with it, this is why you ask questions before you jump into something.....

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    Let me just tell you a few things wrong with it. Everyone’s told you it’s wrong, but here is why.

    Test should have been started with the deca , but oh well. You’re past that point.

    Run the test two weeks longer to give you 10 weeks instead 8 and by running it past deca you should experience a better recovery.

    Start your nolva now, at 20mg a day. I wouldn’t wait, for precautionary reasons. You should choose either proviron or nolvadex , you do not need both for this cycle.

    Drop the winstrol . Not sure how much good four weeks will do. Also you have to inject that every day.

    I hope you’re injecting the sust every other day.

    Also you’re starting you clomid too prematurely. It’s not needed that soon

    Those are some things.


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    bro, you should have done alot more research before you have started this cycle, why did you wait so long to ask are opinion, your 3wks in already, well any way this is what you cycle should have been like:
    1-4 D-bol@50mg ED(drop this now since your on wk3 already, no use for it now)
    1-12 Sus @500mg(EOD Injection for best results)
    1-10 Deca @400mg
    10-15 Winstrol @50mg ED
    Nolvadex from day 1 - to end of PCT
    Start Clomid after last shot on winstrol(Dont know why you started it from week 5)
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    better yet, his first cycle should simply be

    1-12 Test enan 500mg a week
    Nolva on hand
    Clomid PCT.

    No need to be running all those different types of AS. I also certainally wouldn't be running 50mg of DBOL for a first cycle. 30mg is plenty!!!! Don't taper your doses. Always keep them consistent.

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    if your dead set on using the d-bol,then if i were you i would run it the last 3 weeks after last sust shot,since it will take that long clearing out of your system then you can go directly into your PCT from there

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    Whoops, this is definitely not the ultimate cycle. What were you thinking when you made it. Since this is your first cycle you'll probably get some good gains for sure, but the results would have been lots better if you'd composed it hte proper way.

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