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    Sick while on cycle

    i am taking test rite now and i have already asked this question and i just want to make sure . im on my first week of my cycle. today i will be takin another shot of test and deca . my first shot was on monday. i have come down with not the flu but with bad sinuses pretty much the sypmtoms of flu/ fever sometimes cough. If iwas to go get a shot at my doctors office tomorrow would it effect my cycle at any. should i shoot up tonight,?
    i have been takin tylenol and nothin seems to work.....what do u think

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    drink a **** load of water for sure...i got sick last weekend (on right now) and am still sick, but am having great workouts cause just staying hydrated, keeping food intake up, and getting plenty of sleep...

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    Keep rolling. The shot is not likely to be anything that will affect your cycle.

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    I actually just recently recovered from food poisoning, liquid diet fro about 9 days, no fun. Lost 11 pounds, talk about a cutting cycle, and right when i started my second cycle.

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    get plenty of rest. if your having trouble sleeping you can take some nyquil. other than that about all you can do is wait to get better

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    It sucks being sick on cycle,I got sick at wk 4 and wk 12,both times I drank tons of water and force fed myself,use protien shakes if you have to,and sleep bro

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