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    Exclamation any info appreciated

    Heres some background on my ass. I ve been lifting since i was 13 , im now 5'10" and about 210pds. My bf is roughly 18%. AS far as cycles go this is my 3rd. My first was very week due to low resources it was 8 amps sust250(1 a week) and after that i shot 20 amps of 50 mg winny. Then i started my 2nd which was deca at 400mgs and sust at 500 mgs for 8 weeks. My 3rd was 35mgs of dbol everyday for weeks 1-4 and eq at 300mgs (2wce a week) weeks 1-12 and t200 weeks 3-12 at 200 mgs 2wce a week. and im finishing with weeks 6-12 with 50mg of winny ed. Right now im at week 5 seein aight gains nothing spectacular. I def see a diff from start as and my bench shot up from like 185 to around 290-300. my arms gained tremendously and everything else grew proportionatly.
    I eat bout 200-300 grams protein on a 1700-2000 cal diet, dependin how i feel. iM 22 YRS OLD BY THE WAY

    My question is for my next cycle, i want to get ripped up. I was considering hgh and test, maybe 2 kits and round 3000-4000 mgs test. Should i wait on this. I want permenant size, and i want to get ripped. I know this drug can be very harmful and i was looking for some advice from the board on how to do this. I heard to use slin, but i heard there are poss of becomin a diabetic. And i dont wnat that. My dad is one and i do have the slin available, but i dont want to become insulin dependenat. Vets and mods please help, any advice is appreciated. I ve done many searches on this and there arent that many helpful posts on hgh. Help me out thanxxxxxxxxxx

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    Read insulin txt on the ed threads. GREAT ARTICLE. Stay away from HGH. JMO. YOU need to have ALOT of experience under your belt before you touch the stuff and for the $$$$ you'll spend, it may not do shit for you. Imagin spending 800 on a kit and it doesnt work. THink of what you could have gotten AS wise for that $$$$. Talk to arthurb999 on HGH. He convinced me to avoid it and I am glad I did bro. I am using slin right now and am VERY happy with the results so far.

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