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    Still sick, 6 days now, related to AAS?

    I've been sick since Sunday night. I have had the worst stomach pain, loss of appatite, energy drain, and diherrea. All i have been doing is sleeping, and tryin to eat something easy on my stomach. I managed to make it to the gym 2 times, but worked out light weight. Not to intense, my body woln't let me.

    Today I actually feel a little bit better, but i am a little out of it, with a short energy span. Get tired quick.

    I am starting to wonder is my stomach pain is related to AAS?

    I am taking:
    30mg of Dbol a day
    500mg Test /wk
    400mg Deca /wk
    10mg Novladex ed
    500mg Vitiaman C ed
    2 mega-man multivitamin's from GNC

    would any of this AAS not mix well, lets say if i took some NYQUIL or ADVIL?

    i just wanna get better and get my diet back! I'm losing too much weight! lost between 6 - 7 lbs so far! I am only on week 3 of my cycle!

    any help?

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    try some B-12, it will help a bit

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