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    Infection? please help asap

    Hey guys! My glute injection on monday went horrible. The next day I woke up and it was killing me. I only injected 1.3cc test e. The pain got worse through out the day and I started having problems walking and getting in my car. Usually i wouldnt care except for yesterday it started looking red. This morning when I looked at it it was still a shade of red. The pain has gone down a lot and so has the swelling. If it weren't for it being red I wouldnt be posting. My question is should I go to the doc today(friday) or wait through the weekend until monday to see how things develope. If I should go to the doc how should I approach him on this since he doesnt know that i use. Thanks guys!

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    It sounds like you accidentally injected an air bubble. It creates a lot of pain for a few days and causes the area to turn red and bruise. You can go to the Dr. but it is probably not neccessary.

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    Probably alright, just watch it and make sure its not warm to the touch...

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    that sounds like an infection...not an air bubble.

    If it continues to hurt, stay swollen or red, warm to touch...get your ace to a dr and have him check it out. Beats waiting too long and letting an infection get away from you.



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