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    russian dbol gyno

    I have been using some russian dbol for about a week 4 tabs per day spread out into 2 doses. I have never had gyno issues this soon before. I have been using them for 1wk with 500mg enanthate . My nipples are starting to feel weird but aren't sore or itchy yet. I have used mexican ref-b before and had issues in about th 3rd or 4th week but never so soon. I have used lots of different things but dbol is the only thing that has has ever given me issues. I have liquidex on hand but will just cut the dose and it should go away. I want to save it for when I am doing a larger dosage cycle. Anyone have similar issues with dbol.

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    You need nolv bro to help the gyno problem,l-dex won't really help for that.

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