I've been taking HCG for the last several weeks. 5,000i.u. every five days intramuscularly. I've got one or two more shots of 5,000i.u. to take then I'm gonna start clomid. I've noticed the boys are larger than they were, so I'm thinking I'll just take the one more shot of HCG instead of two. That way I can start clomid when all the test has just left my body. My last test shot was when I started HCG. After my last shot of HCG can I start taking clomid immediately, or should I wait a few days. I read that HCG stays active for up to five days, and that you shouldn't take clomid and HCG at the same time. Thats why the question. Also please note that I've been on Test, not really large amounts, for a very long time. Almost two years. Thanks in advance for the comments. Peace and Take Care.