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    test eth question

    hey guys i hear lotta ppl talkin about test kickin in at around week 4 what does it feel like, is there jus like a huge gain in energy or do u jus start lookin fuller?

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    It doesn't kick in persay all at once at the 4th week mark..It gradually increases, and by the 4th week you should be a walking hardon, You're appetite should increase drasticly, you should be retaining water, and you should have quite the pumps after workouts... It is different for everyone, but those sides occur are pretty normal with people running test..

    whats ur cycle?

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    dont take mine as gospel but i did start this 1st cycle with it. you can notice it right away, but 48 hours later was when i noticed it kicking in.
    you may be refering to is when you start seeing the gains/affects noticable which i've heard something similar to what you said, it didn't take that long for me though.
    i've heard 3-4 days before it physically starts taking affect. i have a sensitivity to AS and after 2 days my ears were ringing. after the first time it was 1 1/2 days after each shot. this is just my limited experience, as i saw it.

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