1) does the use of nolvadex during your cycle adversely affect the effects of AS? i've read this at other places and not to use it until after, unless you have to. i'm sitting on a boat load, along with clomid, am nearly completing my first cycle, so i have no problem with go ahead and starting the nolvy treatment as a preventative measure, but won't to get maximum results from my AS.

im about week 12 +/- and started with enananthate only, brought in tren which i discontinued a week or 2 ago and am only doing prop to finish with (which i started about 4 weeks ago) i tapered off the enanthate to 0 as of about a week ago. enan was 250/wk, tren 40 ed, prop 60 ed

2) since i gave all the info let me pose my other question: how much time plus or minus, ballpark if you will, off should i take before beginning my next cycle. ive had no signs of gyno only numb thumbs (blood pressure)