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    Cycle Design Help

    OK guys I'm trying to decide what gear I should use for my first cycle. I'm 21 years old, and havent grown in at least a year(probly 2), so none of this wait a couple years mularkey. I weighed in yesterday at 176 and im guessing im still around 6.5% bf. I feel like I have hit a wall in my growth, so to me that means its time for AS. A good friend of mine who is an amateur bodybuilder reccommended deca 300/d-bol for my first cyle, but I have read on this site that the general consensus is test/eq for a first cycle. Also if i were to take d-bol, what can i do to keep from puffing up like a baloon. ANy other suggestions are welcome too. Thanks

    ps. a buddy of mine has some really cheap finaplex. I know this is a very strong steroid , so it probably isnt the greatest idea. what are your opinions about using fina for a first cycle? thanks again.

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    Welcome bro, You obviously have done your homework.. Deca /dbol is a good place to start out.. I would advise running test with it, or start out with a Test/Dbol cycle.. You can't go wrong with test.. That bloated puffy look is what happens when you run an androgen and hold water, this is harmless, but it happens.. If you want to avoid that, You can run armidex or liquidex.. Fina is a pretty harsh steroid , but in my opinion one of the best.. You have to shoot this at the least EOD, which tends to be too much for someone just starting out.. Also if you run fina it is imparative and smart to run a test ester, because the fina will shut your system down (sexually you won't hold a hardon).. For your first time I would say:

    Test enth. cyp. or a test blend (sust250) for 10 weeks - 500mgs a week (split this up between 2 shots once every 3-4 days)

    and dbol 30mgs a day for 4-8 weeks at the begining of the cycle

    weeks 1-10 test 500mgs/week [250mgs e3d's]
    weeks 1-4/8 dbol 30mgs a day

    It is very imporant to protect yourself from side effects.. run a search on Clomid and Novaldex.. This should show you what i'm talking about..

    Good luck bro, I just summed it up for you...

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    Stick with the test bro, the water weight will be lost (the bloat) a few weeks after the end of your cycle.

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