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    Steroid drug tests

    Just to set the record straight. When you get a drug test, ie: work. They are not checking for steroids . They are looking for THC, cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroin. In order to do an AS test its extremely expensive. The only way any work will check for it is if you have an incident at work, like there are people rumoring you of using AS and the next day you get mad and flip out. Hell I even used to work as a police officer and I was on a sust, deca cycle when I pissed for the nurse. A month later I was hired. I know alot of guys in the fire dept, PD, and military that take AS. The only way your gonna get caught is by your own neglegence and stupidity. Other than that theres a 99% chance it aint gonna happen. So to all the guys asking about testing, theres your answer. As far as sports and NCAA and all that goes, if your using AS of course your probably gonna be tested and if your involved with those then your shouldnt be taking AS to begin with.

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    That rocks I have been holding off on starting my new cycle because I have to piss in a cup next week. You where there when I needed you

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