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Thread: your boyz on AS

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    Question your boyz on AS

    ok fellas, common knowledge that lots of AS will affect your boyz aka the family jewels. but exactly whats goin on with em? the obvious is the effect it has on size..normally some shrinkage of em.guess this is kind of a brainian question,but if you have the knowledge..break it down for us would ya.jewels shrinking due to natural testosterone production? does this effect people as in temp sterility? reduce sperm count/affect fertility and reproduction? how many of u guys that have gone years with AS had probs with your boys when it came time to have kids? reading possibilities in studies is one thing,hearing it from experience is what im lookin for. and i notice my member adds some serious girth while on as. particularly my last cycle which included enanthate ,deca . what could this be attributed too? more concentrated blood flow? any personal experiences show impacts more severe on the "jewels and member" with cetain AS more so than others? curious on whats happening out there,thanks bros (:

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    Hello, I have a story to tell you. I have had some experiences when it comes to things thats you have just mentioned. I have done about 248,765 cycles, and I am married. When my wife gave birth, it wasnt a boy or a girl? You know what it was? It was a couple of vials she popped out. But thats ok, I love those vials like my own kids. And plus they dont cry and yo dont have to feed them. My balls have also shrunk to the point where I cant see them, but you know what? I dont give a F**K, coz massiveness is impressiveness, and its something I will be doing for the rest of my life. I dont care if I end up havin no balls at all. This is my world, and its my passion. However I will always look after my health as much as possible. If you have a passion for training you will not worry about **** like that.

    P.S. It is not that easy to poison your body. For long term and serious side effects, you will have to be doing alot of AAS and for a long period of time. There is a wrong and a right way to go about it. If you know the right way about it, you will be fine. But then again, I think no matter how right you do it, sooner or later, everyones time seems to run out :/. Good luck

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