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    Spot injection Questions

    Yo bros,

    I am on a deca and sus cycle, kicked with dboll for four weeks. Things are going great. Better than expected actually.

    Question I have is this. I have for the past weeks been injecting in my delts. Just a matter of preference that if I see the needle going in I do not mind the ****. Or maybe I like it. Who knows?

    Anyway my questions is this. Is there any spot growth from injections? Like will my delts benefit more than the rest of my body?

    I am a little lean in the ass area and was wondering if I would be better off hitting it?

    Any help would be great.

    Current Cycle.


    500 Sustanon
    400 Deca
    30 MGs of Russian Dbol
    10 Nolva


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    no benefits of spot injection

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    This is one of those things that different boards have different openions on. I have heard that you do and dont. Personally I dont think that you do.

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    if that were true, it would explain why my ass is so big

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    spot injects with GH or slin definately have an adverse effect if taken at the same site repeatedly!

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    spot injections with clen and yohimburn hcl also work to reduce fat in trouble areas

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    I've read its' only true of Winstrol depot, since it's water based and immediately impacts where it's injected. All ester-based stuff has to circulate in the bloodstream to be broken down (i.e. stripped of the ester) first before it has any impact.

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    Injecting in site X as opposed to site Y would cause the muscle fascia in site X to expand ever so slightly, depending upon injection volume, to accomodate the added volume. This could result in slight increases in muscle mass over time as it is rather well documented that the muscle fascia, and its relative elasticity, or inelasticity is correlated to the muscle's ability to grow, condsiderate upon the fact that the muscle has been induced to grow in the first place.

    So, while it can indirectly result in muscle enhancement, many factors play a role, but it can contribute to growth, albeit nothing too spectacular.

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    A rather grotesque example is the ever popular synthol users. It basically involves injecting large volumes of oil into the muscle continously over long periods of time, causing the muscle to swell. While this is certainly NOT direct muscle growth, but rather outlandish swelling, it illustrates the point of expanding the muscle fascia.

    Considering that the individual doesn't experience a 'blow-out.' Or doesn't end up killing themself by some other mechanism, ie infection etc. After a period of time, the body will eventually metabolize all that oil, but the muscle fascia will experience a greater deal of 'elasticity' due to the extreme 'stretching' it experienced during the synthol usage. Nevertheless, I in NO WAY advocate going to this extreme!

    This phenomenon also explains the term, 'muscle memory.'

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