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Thread: T3 off time

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    T3 off time

    I've been reading the educational forums but I can't find anything about how much time you need to leave in between cycles of t3? I did a six week cycle, goign up too 100 mcg and had no negative side effects at all and still feel really great 2 weeks later. How soon can i safely do another cycle liek that? Thanks

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    I have always recommended a minimum of eight weeks between T-3 cycles. I prefer 12 weeks personally but I do run it longer then most. This is a personal preference from my own experiences.

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    At minimum the same time you were on the T-3 cycle, but also add in at least a couple of "complimentary" weeks to help in the aid of thyroid recovery just in case.

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    6 weeks on T3--6 weeks off T3
    Although I don't run my T3 cycles that close together--thats my understanding. Closest you should put them together is 6 wks.

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