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    Is this cycle good?

    Hey guys i jus started this cycle yesterday, tell me what u think. and when should i start using nolvedex?

    week 1 20mgs
    week 2 25 mgs
    week 3 30 mgs
    week 4 35 mgs
    week 5 30 mgs
    week 6 25 mgs

    week 1 200mgs
    week 2 300mgs
    week 3 300 mgs
    week 4 300 mgs
    week 5 300 mgs
    week 6 200 mgs

    two weeks off using hcg then start cuttingcycle with 100mgs of primo a week and 50mg of winny eod for 6 weeks while using cytomel .

    I also have about 400mgs of deca left over so i can go for another 2 weeks. let me know what u guys think

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    I would seriously consider stopping your cycle immediately, test should always be the base of a cycle. The D-bol does not need to be pyramided like that, nor should you run it for 6wks. Just running Deca can shut you down hard, not to mention running the risk of progesterone gyno, you didn't even mention any bromo for that. I doubt you would need HCG if you ran this cycle, and i would bet you wouldn't be happy with your results either.

    So now that i have totally ripped on your cycle, what should you do?

    1. Look up a simple cycle using test cypionate or enathate

    2. Post your goals and stats

    3. Propose a new cycle that you have researched

    4. Get some other opinions

    Good luck

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    I am not a fan of dbol and deca cycles. You should be using test with it.

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    thats a terrible cycle, deca is not run long enough, the dbol is run too long and the dosages go up and down and there is not test in there. pointless cycle bro. i would be suprise if you gained anything from the cycle apart from bloat and being shut down hard.

    i think you should have researched more mate before starting a cycle.

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    i agree with everyone else. stop the cycle now! do some research on test enan or cyp. the cycle is not good at all

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    Here ya go...

    Weeks 1-4
    D-Bol 20-40mg per week (depending on how big you already are and previous cycle experience)

    Weeks 1-11
    Deca @ 300 or 400mg per week (depending on how much of it you have)

    Weeks 1-12
    Testosterone Enanthate @ 500mg per week

    You will need to take 2 injections a week, splitting the test and deca up (you can take them together in the same syringe)

    Make sure to have an anti-e on hand and clomid for post cycle therapy . Do a search on this message board for "PCT clomid" and "anti-e" where you can read about nolvadex , liquidex, and bromo.

    Hope this helps somewhat, be safe!!

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    Got have a test bro.

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    test is best

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    Why would you start a cycle and then ask if it is any good? Seems counterintuitive if you ask me. Do like the guys said, stop the cycle, and do some research.

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