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    questions about when your gear kicks in?

    I have seen alot of people asking these questions, it take 4-5 weeks for long actingesters(eth/cyp/EQ) to kick in and few days for short-acting such as prop/ fina/winny. This does not mean your gonna turn into a monster after 4-5 weeks it takes time and dedication, if your always looking in the mirror trying to see a differences its gonna come even slower, just train hard, eat well and get proper sleep, dont be in such a rush...its not a miricle drug.
    Lets just say your gonna see a difference after your cycle is done
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    great post, i will stop looking in the mirror now
    i'm on my first cycle, 3rd week in and i think its all about little difference rather than the monster you see in the mirror. and in the end just seeing how everything has pieced together.

    i think alot of people expect alot first time around which does occur, 15-20lbs will be noticable but get disappointed because they have a mental image of what they think they will look like.

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