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    knee injury,help getting back, deca maybe hgh

    is deca really going to help my knee get better or am i going to waste my time also thinking about hgh or maybe nothing

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    right now you're not going to be looking at much benefit. If you had started running hgh immediately after your injury (before your surgery) and continued after, it would decrease your muscle mass lost and decrease your recovery time. However, it takes too long to kick in to be of any real benefit now. Same thing goes for deca . I would save the anabolics for when you're all the way back into it. Get into a good physical therapy regimine, and hit your upper body like a madman. I had surgery in late august to repair my miniscus, which had a buckethandle tear and was forced up under my kneecap. It's been quite a while, but i'm finally getting back to where i was before the injury. A few nights ago i deadlifted 335 raw with no straps, a tie of a personal best of mine. I still can't match my old squat numbers, but i have no doubt that they'll come back. Best of luck in recovering from your injury. What exactly did you hurt?

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    The deca only lubes the joints. It will mask any problems you are having and allow you to injure it more if you are not careful. I use it because of joint pains but I would not use it if I had a serious injury because I would not know if I was further injuring it.
    As Chri said get better first then consider other options.

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