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    important insulin question

    i am hypoglacuemic wich means my body produces to much insulin . is there anyway i have a chance of getting diabeties or something? also being hypo clacemic will it help me with bodybuilding because i heard insulin is very anabolic . im afraid my cells my become insulin resistant or something plz tell me what u know/think


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    PS also i wonder what caused me to become hypoclacemic and is there a cure

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    Do you have a diagnosis of hypoglycemia, or how did you come to this conclusion?

    If you do really have hyperinsulinemia, then yes, it will help you with bodybuilding, but you will find it extremely difficult to stay or get lean.

    That aside, if you are truly hypoglycemic, these are questions you need to ask your doctor, as it is a serious risk to your health.

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