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Thread: proper HCG use?

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    proper HCG use?

    I am in my final phases right now and am about to start PCR. I've got Ovidrel, which is synthetic choriogonadotropin (read: HCG ). When I mix the powder with the sterile water, I'll have one cc of what supposedly amounts to about 20,000 iu's of regular non-synthetic HCG.

    So my question is this: how do I break this down into "1000 iu" doses? That is, what kind of needle am I going to use that I can effectively dose 1/20th of a cc at a time?

    Am I asking the right question? Sorry if I sound ignorant, I've never done HCG before. To be honest, I don't even know what an "iu" really is.

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    First off an i.u is an "international unit" - its a standardized system of measurement used in medicine.

    Secondly, to get 1000 i.u per dose, get some BS water and dilute the HCG to a concentration of 20ml (1ml = 1cc). This way 1cc would equal 1000i.u, and use an insulin syringe (27-30 gauge, and 100 units per ml). 100 units of an insulin syringe equals one ml which equals one cc. Hope I did not confuse you.

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    Question Ovidrel Dosage

    Saw the posting about this stuff being stronger, but cannot find any medical statements that support this, and the box says it contains only 6500IU.

    Can anyone comment on this?

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