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    1st cycle, possibly eq

    hey whats up guys,
    im 21 yrs. old, 6'3 210lbs, around 12- 13% bf. and im really debating doing a cycle. pretty much im concerned with hardening up a little more, gaining a few good pounds of lean muscle, but primarily getting cut like a diamond for the summer. i was debating doing an eq only cycle of about 400/week for 12 weeks. and ive done alot of research and the majority say that test should be the basis of every cycle. truthfully right now im really not wanting to run test, just dont wanna risk the more severe side effects that can be assocated with it. what im curious to find out, is will eq alone not yield any positive results. i figure that it has to work better than any of the legal supplements out there, like andro. however im new to the scene so i may be wrong. another question is considering im not wanting to gain a great deal of lean muscle would, running clen be a better substitute then just the eq.

    justin g.

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    trust your research........test sides can easily be controlled

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    Clen will drop your bodyfat if your diet/cardio is there. If this is your first cycle then 400 mg of EQ a week will definately have some effect. To what degree an effect it will have is impossible to tell.

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    Running Eq alone wont get you good results if any. Why are you saying test has more sides than eq? All bodys react differently to each substances. I would definitly add some test in there. gl


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    Well here is the thing my friend, what's good about eq is that it has a great effect after a while on the body due to its long ester chain. Since its not the most anabolic steroid and takes up to 4-6 weeks for it to see any results, you should stack it with another steroid such as winstrol if you are going to cut-up. Also, test is needed so your pee pee can work, strengh gains as well as mass gains. You don't have to take 3cc's of test, you just need 300 mg-500 mg a week. Eq alone won't do well and its a waste of time to do alone. Those who have done it have rob themselves and probably didn't do enough research.

    Here is a good cycle with test, eq and winny for 10 weeks

    Winny should not be run no more than 6 weeks.

    first 1-4 weeks take 300 mg of eq and 400-500 mg of test.

    5-10 week do as you did in first 4 weeks and add winstrol.

    From the goals that he needs, he'll be better off doing his cycle. It's a proven cycle and I don't need to hear any board crap about it.

    Also try to get at least 300 grams of protein while on this cycle, cycle your carbs. This is to ensure that proper fibers and complex sugars are applied in your diet to keep your health up. Supplement on a good multivitamin, use milk thistle, dandeleon root(good for getting rid of water). Eat a fruit everyonce in a while and most important, trust yoru instincts.
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    Adding test would really get you where your looking to be. For most people at low dosage the test won't cause sides, and like it was said above, they are easily controlled. EQ should be run a minimum of 12 weeks to have desired effects, as it takes a while to kick in. Adding the winny will help to 'dry' you up. Also check around, to reduce the crash of coming off you may want to run the test a week longer than the EQ to let your body start to naturally come down. If it's your first cycle just do a crapload of research and don't rush into anything. Everyone here will go more than out of their way to help you you can already see. Good luck

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    Test sides? If you keep your doses low, you will be fine. the only sides I get from Test are

    1. Amazing strength
    2. great Size
    3. Amazing sex drive
    4. better concentration
    5. Amazing sense of "well being"
    6. did I say amazing sex drive"

    Again, everyone reacts differently to different drugs, but I would NEVER EVER do a cycle without TEST.. I'm also not a big fan of Winstrol .

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    Well, how about looking into the prohormone M1T. You'll still need to do some sort of PCT afterwards. Try that and some clen . I'm betting you'll get the results you want from just that.

    Or reconsider using test.


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