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    **gyno on 1st cycle???

    Have anyone got gyno on their first cycle??
    If you did:
    How long into a cycle were you?
    What gear were you using?
    What doses?

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    I got symptoms 4 weeks into my first. 500 sust/ 400 EQ. That's it. Therefore, i have liquidex AND nolvadex , so i can go to town if it happens again. Symptoms went away with 1mg of liq. for about 10 days, but that got expensive....FAST! So I will continue to run .5mg throughout cycle , and if that doesn't help. . i always got my nolva.

    I'm gonna try maybe 400mg Enanthate next go with 500mg or so of eq, with some winny and clen .

    See how that goes, I guess I'm super-sensitve to the test.
    Oh well, you live, you learn, you move on.

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