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    T3 and Diet Confusion

    I was going ot post this in the Diet forum but Ill come here 1st.

    When dieting most ppl recommend a carb-up day to help keep your metab. from adjusting to your new low-cal intake, which would hault the fat loss process.


    Since Im taking T3 which helps stimulate the metabolism would it be necessary (from a fat burning perspective not for cheat day purposes) to have this carb-up day?\


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    I still keep the carb up day no matter what I'm taking...every 4 or 5 days i add an extra 100-150 grams of carbs. I understand your point though. but that carb day makes you feel better and fuller, stronger etc...But what alot of people don't notice is even though they are taking t3 that doesn't mean there temp is in the zone (97.6-98.2) There are other obstacles that can lower your metabolism other than just thyroid the bio feed back hormones that tell your body to stop producing t4 or converting to t3, when this happens your temp drops dramatically...I've had my temp drop from 98.2 in the morning to 96.5 by I had to stop taking the t3 immediately, I don't want to become thyroid dependant.
    My advice to anybody taking t3 would be to check your BT, and dose it accordingly.

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