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    Started 4th week of Test&Deca&Dbol!

    Today I took my Delt Injection to start the 4th week of my cycle. My cycle looks like this:

    weeks 1-4 Dbol 30mg ed
    weeks 1-10 Test Cyp 500mg
    weeks 1-9 Deca 400mg

    Im injecting twice a week. So far my results look like this:

    Age: 22
    Height: 6'1"
    Starting Weight: 170-171lbs

    Begining of 4th week: 180-181lbs

    Goal: 195-200lbs

    I was up to 185lbs, but I got sick for a week(week3) i was pissed as hell, no appatite/energy or nothing, all i did was ****, piss, and sleep all day!

    I really noticed my weight go up the second week of the Dbol, it went up quick, so did my strenght. Appatite is slowly increasing.

    Well this is week 4, hopefully my TEST&DECA should be kicking in this week! I can't wait!

    Anyone think I will be able to reach my goal weight?

    ps. Diet/Training/Rest is 100%

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    I think maybe but that is a big jump of 25-30lbs not to mention most that weight you gained from the dbol was water. I think you should be happy with 190 solid pounds if you can get that after pct and everything.

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    I would run the deca and test out to 12 weeks. 9 weeks is a little shy for deca.

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    I will be posting pics shortly....

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    Looks a good cycle bro similar to mine sorry to here you got sick and i think you'll make the gains you want just keep eating and training hard.

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