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    best for post-cycle w/o breakouts

    I understand that nolvadex and clomid aren't the greatest for someone who is prone to breakouts post cycle like myself. Do Aremadex(sp?) and/or liquid clomid havethe same effects? I do not want to come off a cycle cold turkey, but if it will help w. breaking out it may be what I end up doing

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    Don't skip pct just because you might get some acne. That would be a big mistake. Arimidex isn't used for pct, and yes, liquid clomid works the same as regular clomid. They are the same compound. I am prone to breakouts too, but once pct is over it goes away pretty quickly.

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    Skip on PCT and your running a heavy risk of losing most, if not all of your gains. Not a chance I would take for a few pimples.


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