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    First Cycle - Feedback Please


    Ok, so I'm getting ready to begin my first cycle. I'm 22, 185lbs, and 6'2". For my first cycle this is most likely what I'll be doing:

    **Weeks 1-8: 500 mg sustanon per week (250 mg every Mon and Thurs)
    **Weeks 1-10: 10 mg nolvadex per day
    **Weeks 11-13: 20 mg nolvadex per day
    **Weeks 11-13: 300/100/50 clomid regimen

    After talking to a lot of guys and doin some research, I think I'm going to stick with just test and not stack it with anything. I have some questions regarding the duration of the cycle, and my anti-E and PCT.

    1. Is 8 weeks sufficient for a sustanon cycle? I'v read 10 or even 12 is good, but I didn't want to spend that much money. WIll I see good results with just 8 weeks, or is it important that I wait and save up some more cash to do a longer cycle (keep in mind this is my first cycle, so I've got virgin receptors = ) ?

    2. Is it necessary to take nolvadex throughout the cycle and PCT? Or should I just keep some on hand in case I see estrogen-related symptoms? (either way I will be doing the clomid regimen post-cycle)

    3. I've read nolvadex is an estrogen receptor blocker. Should I also be taking an aromitase inhibitor such as arimidex or L-dex? Or should I take proviron instead because it is both an estrogen receptor and an aromatase inhibitor?

    Basically, I just want to know what I should be taking along with the sustanon and clomid PCT. For a first-time user taking a relatively mild test, do I really need all the estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors?

    Ok guys...I'll talk to you soon. THanks in advance.

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    Glad to see a first timer with his head on straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job learning bro!

    Ok here we go...

    1) 8 weeks is a bit short...your long acting ester wont even be kicking in until week 5 or you'll only get a few weeks of benifit from it....go at least 10 wks.

    2)I would say to run the nolv through out...just to be safe.

    3)Nolv should be enough with your mild dose...I didnt care much for Proviron when I used it.

    Clomd for PCT as you stated.

    You have put together a good make sure you diet/training/rest are spot on and you will blow up!!!!!

    Good luck,


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    ok, there are a lot more bros on here that are more experienced than i am but i'm pretty sure most of them would agree with what i'm about to say.
    1) i don't recommend using sust if this is your first cycle! it needs to be injected EOD to achieve the best results from the four different test esters. if you cycle it only 2x a week like you posted above, your T blood levels will be unstable. Use a long-acting test ester like Test Enanthate at about 250mgs-500mgs/week for 10 weeks, not 8 which is too short. you should be fine injecting Test E every mon. and thurs.
    2) always have estrogen blockers (nolvadex ) handy. you never know if you are gyno prone. better safe than sorry. i recommend running it as you stated above (10mgs/day throughout cycle and 20mgs/day throughout PCT). if you can get your hands on some arimidex or liquidex than i suggest using them also, say at 0.25 mgs a day. proviron is too expensive and it does basically the same thing as liquidex. your clomid therapy looks good bro!
    3) Lastly, make sure your diet and training are in check. eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per lb. of bodyweight and at least 3500 claories/day. eating like a horse helps too bro. hope i answered your questions. anything else i missed?
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    Thanks for the input guys. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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