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    taking .2 synthroid, would.3 burn fat better???

    .3 is the strongest synthroid comes in, I told my doc that I have been taking .3 but actually been taking .2 so he sent me to get my tsh levels checked and he will increase my dosage to .3 if they come back in the normal range. Would .3 be better as far as aiding in burning fat? What would be the highest safest dosage a person can handle in my case I have no thyroid so i should be able to get away with taking a higher dosage than a person with a thyroid...right??


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    its really not an issue about having a thyroid and how hi a dose - t4 is ratio to t3 of about 4.5/1 t4/t3 so you are taking the equiv of about 40-50mcg of t3 a day now. What people use during a burning cycle would be more in the range of 100mcg ED t3 or 450-500mcg of synthroid . Certainly you could easily go as high as 7-800mcg ED for a relatively short period of time (4-5 weeks) but again, I want to emphasise - if you have thyroid problems then you will want to run all this by your physician because I do not know what is going on in your particular case.

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