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Thread: Research!!!!

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    Question Research!!!!

    Everyone in here says that u must research before you use anything. I am new to AS but fro what i understood each AS may give different side effects to some people or none at all. how do u know what your body needs unless u try it?

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    Well you don't. You find out as much as you can on the AAS you want to use. You learn what precautions you can take and what kind of PCT you should do. You learn from others experiences and then you make the best educated guess you can about what will work well for you. Then you try it and make adjustments from there.

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    This is the reason why your first cycle should only consist of one Steroid (Testosterone ). If your running more than one compound, how in the world are you going to know which one is giving you the undesirable side effects??

    Research is the key. From reading and listening to others experience, you can then determine if your prone to certain side effects. Take me, I do NOT bloat up on Test like some do. I don't really get any atrophy either. My boys barely shrink. But again, thats just me.

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    adrenaline high
    plus, research cuts down on the "can i drink winny?" questions.....j/k
    seriously, researching and learning new things about AS is fun. i don't have to feel like a dope by asking easy to answer questions. surf the hell out of this site and the thousands of other ones out there.

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