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    The Iron Game Guest

    Winstrol: 50mgs daily or 100mgs every other day

    Ive seen quite a few posts lately on winstrol and how people are shooting it every other day. So here is some fuel for though.

    Winstrol has a short half life, somewhat very similar to anavar & anadrol .

    Anadrol & Anavar are best used every 6 hours but the more constant the better (4hours apart) You are aiming to keep a constant blood plasma level of steroid x rather than the highs and lows that come with less frequent consumption.

    Winstrol can either be consumed orally or via injection. No method is more effective. Stanazolol tablets is chemically identical to the injectable. You can consume orally the injectable winstrol by drinking it and it will be as effective. You can convert the tablets into an injectable and inject it and it would be as effective.

    Winstrol should be split up 2-3 times a day to create what was mentioned above. Now injecting just once a day is absolute minimum but an injection of every other day is a kin to being on anavar and anadrol every other day. so why do so many people wish to do this?

    The problem is with injecting then? So why inject in the first place if you dont want to do it right? For site injection enhancement? Then do it daily. Winstrol that I know of goes through a 28-29g pin. Mexican winstrol especially Ttokkyo Labs will not go through this without difficulty.

    So one of two options.

    Inject daily or drink 2-3 times daily.

    or Inject once a day and drink the other day.

    Do not inject eod for maximum efficiency


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    IG- Thanks for the great info

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    pureanger is offline Senior Member
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    YOu can push winnie through a insulin pin I site inject biceps. Works just fine. I normally do winnie eod Ill have to give way a try

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    Mike Guest
    I recommend ED - a lot of you guys have been posting stuff looking as if you are under the impression that 50mgED is the same as 100mgEOD - this is NOT true

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    Yea your right mike but I still will have to see the difference for myself maybe ill get a couple bottles of winnie tonight?????hmmmm

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    Mike Guest
    Just remember bro I am defintiely not saying EOD wont work - it definitely does - just saying ED is a better way to go unless you have liver concerns etc etc

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    CYCLEON Guest
    actually - to do it correctly winny has a half life of 6hrs so that means u need ot break up ur tabs, drinking 4x per day to keep blood levels most even - most of you wont do this but now do yo see how silly 100mg EOD sounds?

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