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    deca doses split?

    I am about to start a deca /dbol cycle

    I am doing 20mgs DBOL(1-4 week ) and 400Mgs Deca for 10 weeks.

    My question is:

    Do I have to split DECA into two injections a week( 200mgx2 ) or can I do just one shot with 400MG once a week.


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    It isn't an ideal cycle but if you are set on it then I would inject the deca E4d personally.

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    Inject 200mg Mon, 200mg thursday every might wanna consider some test as well though

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    I wont be using test becasue it messup my harline.

    This would be my 3rd cycle. I want it to keep it on the low end estrogen wise so that's why I chose deca and dbol ( low dosages ).

    Also, I am not prone to gyno at all as I have used deca in the past with no side effects. I got no deca dick either.

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