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    This is unreal....

    Well im on DURATEST 250MG E3D, DECA 400MG Weekly, and ANADROL -50 ED..CLOMID/NOLVA PCT.......................And its crazy, this is my first week and ive gained 6lbs, the strength is incredible, i know thats from the Anadrol. But just wondering when the DURATEST and DECA should kick in, what should i expect? And with proper PCT do u bros think i will hold most of my gains...??? I ran SUS my last cycle and it was graet, but now im on DURATEST..and big difference???????????
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    yes you will hold most of your gains with a good PCT but you have to remember you will lose the water you gained during the cycle. the weight you have so far is from you holding water, even though you may not look like you have bloated up alot its too early to be lean gains, thats why you strength has gone up also. throw in some l-dex or femara to help keep the water off if you like. its not pleasant mentally when you gain alot of weight and most of your gains were water and you drop it post cycle. but it depends on what you are after bro. keep us posted.
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