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    got good advice?

    I did a thread a couple weeks ago for advice on a cycle and got some good feedback. I did'nt have all the gear I needed at that time, but now with the suggestions I got I think I'm set.

    wks 1-4 d-bol 20mg/d
    wks 1-8 sus 500 mg/wk
    wks 3-10 nolv 20mg/d
    wks 3-10 prov 25mg/d
    wks 9,10 hcg 2000 iu's/wk
    wks 11-16 primobolan 200-300mg/wk
    wks 11-16 winstrol 150mg/wk
    wks 17,18 hcg 2000 iu's/wk
    wks 17-19 clomid 50mg/d

    I've done a single 8 wk cycle of sus in the past and got good results at 500 mg/wk. With it all I took was some nolv at 10mg/d. No prob. Just alittle water retension. Now after one week on this new cycle I've got some blotting. Not really bad, but I think it might be the d-bol. So I started my nolv and prov right away. Does anyone have any comments or answers about the blotting? Will the nolv and prov help with this?

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    i would personally run the Sustanon 10 weeks........ and maybe start taking the winny weeks 8-12, this way you can start PCT Week 13.

    no need for the primo & Hcg ......

    Maybe throw some Deca or EQ in with the Sustanon, but i think you will have/find much better results if you switch to a single ester test like Enathate or Cyp

    just my opinion......i may be wrong

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