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    Question hcg & clomid question

    The knowledged,

    On an eight week cycle of Deca , at basically 400 per week then 200 in a 2 week taper, would just clomid be sufficient to restart test production? I have done endless research on this roid and cycle and what I need to do while on it, but didn't give much thought to coming off of it. The more I read, the more controversial the subject gets. I want to retain my gains and get my testosterone production back up. I want to know if I need to take hcg and then clomid, or if only the clomid will do the trick. I also need to know how to cycle and/or stack the two and what doses I need to be taking. Everything I read tells me something different. One source say's to take the hcg everyday over taking high amounts every 4th day and vice-versa. If you could lend me some of your knowledge on this I would greatly appreciate it.


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    post your stats and your complete cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by damiongage
    post your stats and your complete cycle
    1. Don't taper your gear. The esters mechanism of action produces a self-taper of the hormone
    2. Need testosterone . A cycle without it is a poor cycle
    3. You will not need HCG on an 8wk cycle

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    pct is needed after a cycle in which the nads shrink up- regardless of the length of the cycle.

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