Hey all
13-15% BF (i donno a couple abbs, not the lower ones though)
First Cycle will be
Test Prop 150 eod weeks 1-12
Thinking of Winny tabs 50mged 6-12
Clomid PCT 300day 1, 100day 2-11, 50 12-21

I am playing on running my first cycle Test Prop 150mg eod for 12 weeks, and I am just curious if adding winny at 50mg a day will add much to my overall Keepable gains. I am only concerned about keepable gains because i am going to move up a level in football where I'll be tested starting in the summer. If i'm running Test with Winny will I be able to Keep any of the extra Strength gains from winny? thats also why i'm making myself a pin cushon for 12 weeks instead of running enthane, just in case.