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    question on first cycle

    this is my first time using i have been lifting for 3 years and 6ft 205lbs i am going to start taking 400mg of deca for 8-10 weeks and i also take inuslin since i have had experince with it before i know how to use it. i have some d-bol but am not sure if i should use it because of the water retention and you lose most gains from it, i also got winstrol injections do you think it would be a good idea to to use either of them with the deca. one more question people have told me about deca dick, how long does this last for? thanks.

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    Be sure to throw in some kind of test or you will be sorry, I heard deca dick is a b*tch. If you are worried about water retention use test prop throughout your cycle at 100mg EOD. You could also use the winstrol , but since this is your first cycle I would stick to something simple. Also, you will see quick results from the prop and since you are worried about water retention you most probably won't have to worry about taking any dbol . Dbol is usually used to kickstart a cycle. Try something like this:

    wks 1-10 deca 300 or 400 mg/week
    wks 1-13 test prop 100 mg EOD

    start your PCT 3 days after your last injection

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