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    viromone prop?....

    i am getting 30 viles of this stuff and i a, not sure what i want to stack with it...i was thinking sust but someone said dont stack two tests like that....i ave done that before and i was pleased with my results but i want to try something else but i dont want to get something and it not do as good as it did before..i was reading and i cant figure it out......i went from about 177 to 208 during my last cycle and i gained crazy strength...but the i hurt my shoulder in a football game, so i couldnt work out for like 6 months and now i want to get back into it harder than ever....any help would be appreciated....thanks bro's

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    fina fina fina fina fina fina fina fina ohhhhhh yea did I mention FINA

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumblucky
    fina fina fina fina fina fina fina fina ohhhhhh yea did I mention FINA
    You forgot to mention FINA!

    And those prop's you've got are top shelf bro!

    but if this is your 2nd cycle...then I would recomend stacking it with d-bol for bulking up or winny for staying lean.

    wk 1-4 d-bol 30mgs/day
    wk 1-8 prop 50-100mgs/day

    wk 1-4 winn 50mgs/day
    wk 1-8 prop 50-100mgs/day

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    I'd recommend fina and I'd also recommend that you do alot of research before you start juicing...

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